Ko was dubbed “Chef Ko” by his friends because of his dedicated passion in the culinary arts. He came from a family of talents in the culinary field. His father was a well-known caterer and Ko spent his childhood learning from him in the kitchen. Despite no formal training in cooking school, Ko ran the most successful eatery of a large international chain while he was obtaining his BBA and MBA in Hawaii. During a span of 10 years, Ko developed a career in the food and beverage sector of numerous restaurants, clubs and hotels.  He was lecturing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University specializing in Food and Beverage Management before immigrating to New York in 1994.  He co-founded KOKO Antiques with Margie and became one of the most well-known Chinese dealers in the tri-state area and was featured as such by the Architectural Digest magazine. In 2010, Ko returned to Hong Kong, dedicating himself to introducing healthy and conscious eating, having reaped the benefits from it for many years.

Ko is an avid photographer with a keen eye on close up photography of nature. He is also an ardent athlete who ran the marathon and excelled in kung fu and chi kung.