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Margie is a spiritual teacher, a writer, a gifted intuitive and healer.  She is fondly dubbed by her students a “spiritual surgeon” who brings positive changes to people by empowering them to connect with their true Self.


Margie was originally named Marilyn since she was a child. In 2017, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and immediately after the operation, she was woken up physically by a divine voice calling her Margie. She found out later that the name meant Child of Light. Her first book ‘A Soul Journal from Kyoto’, to be published in Spring 2018, was written in honor of the Light.


Margie has degrees in business administration and law.  She was a successful entrepreneur in the antiques business in the U.S. and was a co-founder of trademarked fashion brand.  She received the calling to serve humankind in 2007.  She has been practising meditation for almost 30 years and learnt healing with renowned healers in the U.S. She is a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing® 3rd Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner workshop.


Upon returning to Hong Kong from New York in 2010, Margie founded 7th Ray, Center for Health & Healing. She provides services in healing through soul reading and conducts workshops related to spirituality and healing.  She presents regularly to institutions and appears in various media including interviews by the TVB Pearl Report and magazines.


Margie offers spiritual counseling and healing services in a private session. She may be able to meet you in person in Kyoto, Japan or Hong Kong. Or via Skype. You may email your request to

“We all have the innate power to heal ourselves. I offer my service to support people on this path by empowering them to connect with their true Self, their soul and spirit. I do not endorse multiple sessions as this can create dependency. People are encouraged to attend my workshops afterwards to empower themselves.” ~Margie


Please note that this service is in no way to be considered as a substitute to your own inner guidance, or consultation with licensed health care professionals. We believe in a combination of allopathic
and alternative healing treatments.


Energy Healing >

Lily Chan

It was my first time seeing Margie for a healing. But when she opened the door she held the door frame, looking seriously into the hallway. I felt that she was acting a bit strange.

After the healing, she told me that she saw me in her dream the night before with an entity following me (which explained why she was checking as she opened the door). The entity looked sad and burnt. She solved a puzzling phenomenon that had been bothering me since I was a child – a burning smell surrounding me.

At first, the smell only occurred once in a couple of months but it got more frequent as I grew up. It made me very nervous, waking up in the middle of the night, worrying about the house on fire. I even went for checkup on my nose but it was normal. In these couple of years, I not only have the smell but felt that I was stared at, with flashes of light. After the healing, I didn’t smell and see shadows anymore. So amazing.

Douglas Ayton

"For many years I have been aware of the Universe's energy, the importance of listening to its messages, and being open to accepting change into my life. However, unresolved legacy issues combined with the near constant sensory assault form urban living had succeeded in blocking my journey. I had plateaued, and was feeling increasingly despondent. Right at this time, Margie entered my life. Believing there is no such thing as a coincidence and following my instincts, I contacted Margie. Some four consultations later, Margie has helped me turn down the superficial noise while magnifying the volume of the higher vibrations around me.

Margie's true spiritual gift, loving nature as well as generosity of spirit, successfully shifted me emotionally and physically, allowing me to leave the state of limbo in which I was stuck, and enter the next stage of my personal and professional development. Margie applied her skills by providing me with the necessary tools, and then guiding me through the process of change.

Margie combines genuine intuitive talents with real life challenges, to offer a true insight into our journey of self-discovery".

Elmer Tsang

“When I saw Margie, my life was upside down. In the past, my health was pretty good until one day after visiting a temple; I went home with a fever. Then, I had nightmare for months; in some nights I even felt that my heart was being pulled out. One day, my father told me that the Kwan Yin statue that I had been worshipping for over a decade fell down on her face for no reasons. There were more strange happenings in my workplace and business started to do poorly.

Margie gave me a lot of practical advice in addition to healing. I felt a shift within myself right afterwards; by the time I got back to my office business started to improve! All the strange happenings, both in the workplace and at home, were gone within days. I consulted Margie a few more times in which she continued to do healing and give practical advice. My life took a complete turn for the positive at all levels. I don’t know how else to thank her and describe my experiences; the word would be ‘miracles’!”

D. Iwamoto

“I had a stroke which paralyzed my right side. Before this, I had good health but Margie one day told me to go for a complete body check. Although the checkup result was good, I had the stroke soon after which paralyzed my entire left side. When Margie visited me, she placed her hands on my head for 15 minutes and I was able to raise my left hand to wash my hair the same day. She did a healing on me again, without touching me, and I sensed strongly with warmth in my head. The same night, I could write hiragana with control. She also told me that she received the message for me to drink more water. The cause of my stroke was not drinking enough. Then, I drew an oracle card that said “dehydration”! This was amazing experiences for me. Thank you very much for your help, Margie.”

Dr Fan, Singapore

"I was amazed at how energy channeling differs from traditional channeling by mediums as commonly portrayed in old Chinese movies. Everything seems so ordinary and we were talking comfortably with a third person whom only Margie could sense and see. I felt and sense nothing at all and yet I intuitively know that the spirit is here. Margie was able to inform, clarify and verify information with the spirit and myself - information that only the spirit and I knew in varying degrees.

I never really understood why I needed healing, not until after the channeling session. Suddenly, it became clear to me about what stagnates me in this lifetime. I was searching for my roots - no doubt about this. But in a deeper sense, I was and am searching for the truth that I was a rejected product! The issue is not about the rejection itself but on how badly I was rejected! It is akin to knowing how badly one died and not just death itself. Even when I became convinced that I am a rejected child and this had bothered me intrapsychically all these years, the emotional pain from knowing this truth is much lesser than my own speculation of what could be the truth. Not knowing the truth kills me but the truth does not.

Channeling is a personal journey and it is the starting point of a new chapter of my life."

Daisy Lam, Corporate Lawyer

“I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome with a twisted wrist in which the bone of the right-hand thumb protruded; both wrists were swollen. The problems on the right hand happened 6 months ago and I had tried everything -- from chiropractor to acupuncture to tui na. Needless to say, I was in pain all the time. At the same time, I also had DMJ, tightened jaws with gum pain, shoulder pain and chronic migraine.

Miraculously, it took Margie only one session to heal all of these. During the healing, I heard my jaw bone made a noise, and I could sense re-adjustment on my right jaw. And my face looked different right after the healing with my jaw line re-aligned back in position. ALL my pain was gone, the protruded bone was back to its normal place, and swelling was also gone. I can’t thank you Margie enough for all the healings!”

Mabel Ng, Natural Healer

“Margie is a mind-blowing healer on a higher level. She has the ability to provide clarity and constructive steps towards positive results and progress. I am very fortunate to have her in my network as she has helped me work through some of my personal obstacles.

In addition, I am extremely grateful that I receive a session to heal my toe and my eye. My second toe of my right feet was hurt about 8 years ago.

After the healing, it has a significant change in shape and color. I trust if I can spend more time in Hong Kong. My toe and eye will completely heal.”

Andrew Wong, Managing Director, Ecobrands

“I was glad to be introduced to Margie when I most needed help. My wife was soon to give birth and complained of having cramps in her legs almost every night. After I consulted Margie, she did three sessions of healing on my wife and her cramps went away; also the water retention in the legs was also gone. Further, Margie was able to “see” that my daughter had some problems in her lungs before birth. Indeed, after she was born her lungs were filled with water and had to be placed in an incubator. Being a father for the first time I was very worried. Margie did a daily healing on my daughter and I could see significant improvements day by day.

Margie is a very kind and caring person who is highly enthusiastic to help others in trouble. She is sensitive to the needs of her patients.

I’m very grateful to you, Margie, for your healings and for your teachings and spiritual guidance.”

Dr Roberta Wong Leung

“After one and a half years of pain and suffering from falling on train steps and tearing two ligaments and falling on both my knees, I was so pleased and happy that Margie helped to heal me. It was really a miracle. She has such gifted and wonderful healing powers and is so willing to help people. I have seen numerous doctors and physiotherapists, more than a hundred visits and have spent thousands of dollars. Thank you so much Margie for healing me!”

Fergus Chan

It was a wonderful experience to visit Aunty Margie. When I first visited her, I had several complaints: lack of appetite, knee pain, stomach pain, etc. During the healing, I felt warmth in my body and I heard a ‘click’ sound. After the healing, my knee pain vanished and I felt very much refreshed! It was a miracle what Aunty Margie did to me. I consulted Aunty Margie a couple more times and took the supplement she recommended. I am more energized than before! I would like to say “Many Thanks! Aunty Margie!

Desmond Ngai

“I have been suffering from sinus allergy for 5 years, and had tried many medications and supplements unsuccessfully. I spent over 2 hours daily sneezing and my nose became very tender and painful. However, within days of taking the supplements that Margie gave me, my condition improved dramatically and I am finally allergy-free!”

Victoria Tsai, Tatcha, Founder & CEO

I visited Margie for an energy healing to deal with chronic eczema that had spread around 50% of my body and chronic cough that together were making it very difficult to sleep. I have also had various back, neck and ankle injuries that left me with long term pain. I visited numerous doctors in the US who had no explanation for the source of my issues. They prescribed rigorous courses of steroids and antibiotics to no avail so I was feeling quite desperate and exhausted. It was my first time visiting an energy healer so I did not know what to expect. The session was very comfortable though, like talking to an old friend. That night, I slept through the night without sleep aids for the first time in months.

An underlying anxiety that I also had about work which likely contributed to my health issues gave way as well and I woke up the next morning feeling like a new person. About a week later, despite heavy international travel and a rough work schedule and no medication, my eczema and cough are virtually gone. I do not know how Margie does it and never thought such dramatic change would be possible but I am so grateful to have her in my life now. I recommend her without reservation. She has a gift.

Benna + Dumdum

Your healing touch to my cat Dumdum had lightened up her every single cell. She felt MUCH BETTER after the healing; her eyes tell a lot - she felt less pain. She drank a lot more water and had walked around, went to litter box, and ate. Thank you very much for your kindness in helping her. Thank you again :)


I write to express praise for your compassion as a teacher of Magnified Healing, as a communicator of spiritual messages and information, and for your healing powers. As a former student in your 1st Phase Magnified Healing Workshop, I was fortunate to experience your brilliance, which was further revealed in your recent “communication” meeting that I attended. I indeed have learned so much from you. I honestly think of you and your wonderful and important teachings each day – which I will carry within me, now and always. Recently, I also had the good fortune to experience your healing powers. In April, I had to undergo significant oral surgery in an attempt to stop a tooth autoimmune condition that put me at risk of losing all my teeth. The surgery went “alright,” as much as could be understood at that time (as I still need another 6 months from this writing of post-surgery healing to learn whether the final outcome will be successful, so I welcome your continued good wishes:-). However, immediately following this surgery—which involved several complex medical procedures, including bone grafting, a surgical incision through a sinus bone, etc.—I developed a severe infection at the surgical site and I was put on a cascade of antibiotics, all to no avail. After several weeks with the infection raging forward, my doctors reported that they were at a loss…the infection was serious and of an unknown cause. They noted that if my condition did not turn within one week more from that appointment date, then...(a whole host of truly unfavorable medical outcomes were to befall). With this news, I finally broke down and wrote to Margie, being too shy to post my need for healing on What’s App—although, to be clear, I made no mention of any time deadline/date identified by my doctors. As the days passed and my medical team’s deadline approached, I felt more and more ill and weak. On the morning of my team’s deadline, I was still deeply ill and I saw no end in sight, least of all the possibility of being well by that evening! I collapsed with exhaustion and pain that evening, falling asleep earlier than usual. When I awoke in the early morning hours of the next day, I was surprised to feel better. When I read my email that early morning, I saw that Margie had written to me that very evening before; yes, precisely on the “deadline” evening! More than this, Margie had apologized for not being able to answer me sooner than that evening, and, crucially, she conveyed her warm well wishes for my speedy recovery. There is no doubt in my mind, that this was no coincidence. It is my belief that Margie intervened on that evening because she “knew.” I am grateful to Margie and shall forever attribute this medical turning point to her healing powers and compassion as a human being. Thank you dear Margie. I shall always hold you in my heart and wish you well.

Healing through Channeling >

Linda Chang

"Thanks to Margie, I was able to reconnect with my mother spiritually and knew that she is well beyond this life. I was emotionally devastated when she left us. Margie helped me a lot emotionally with her spiritual gifts, being able to communicate important messages from my mom to me meant so much to me (my mom wasn't able to talk to us on the hospital bed before she left us). I am very grateful to have known someone so gifted like Margie, who's willing to use her gift to help others in both this world and beyond. I'm sure my mom is at peace knowing her words that she wasn't able to communicate before were passed to her children finally. I have peace too knowing that she is leading her after life very well. Thanks again Margie! “

Tania Ho

"Margie has always been a great friend and I always feel that she is part of my family. When my father passed away suddenly, my sisters and I were left with many questions, regrets, and unresolved feelings. We did not have a chance to say goodbye to my father. My sisters and I visited Margie after my father's death and Margie was able to get in touch with our father's spirit, so passing on our father's messages to us. Knowing that our father loved us very much was the most important message for us to help us to move on. Because of Margie's help, we were able to release our unresolved feelings and questions and this allowed us to focus back on the present moment and how we could heal from our grief. Margie offered her kind support and help during this difficult time. Thank you, Margie!"

Terence Chung, Sales & Marketing Manager

“Half year ago, I was disturbed by having low quality sleeping caused by unknown reason. As a result, I felt tired during the day times. After conducting a diagnostic scan by Margie, I had received a cleansing exercise from her which was an extraordinary experience – With my eyes closed I perceived a grey colored “concentric spiral” being drawn out from my limited vision. I could tell that the negative energy inside my body was expelled and felt much relieved afterwards. Most importantly I gained back stamina gradually by taking the supplements recommended by Margie. Thank you so much for your help, Margie. To me, you are a selfless and caring healer and mentor.”

Wayne Ng

“I had a horrifying nightmare 7 years ago when I saw a female ghost trying to strangle me; she told me that she wanted me to ‘accompany’ her. She had committed suicide due to her husband’s passing and found no purposes to live on. At that time, she didn’t know that in committing suicide, she could be stuck between the physical world and spiritual world. In the beginning she hung on to my physical body to have an earthly presence and then wanted to kill me. There were several ‘accidents’ during this time that almost got me killed. Later, she realized that it was not the right thing to do, so she never did that again but she couldn't find the way to leave me until Margie showed up in my office. During a meeting, she made her presence and pleaded Margie to help her.

In these 7 years, my health had been very poor with a lot of illnesses. My doctor told me that my condition was like a 60 year old man when I was only 20 year old. Margie explained to me that female ghost makes my energy very low.

During the healing, I saw a big white light over my head, like a spot light glowing with warmth. Then I saw a purple light around me and felt all the negative things were gone from my body.

Thank you very much for your help and advice, Margie.”
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