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 “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience,

   We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience."           ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


According to ancient texts from many cultures, all life is an expression of different frequencies of “ray” energies. The seven rays are the sum total of the divine consciousness. They embody divine purpose and express the qualities required for achieving this purpose.


The 7th Ray is the ray of conscious invocation by which a breakthrough in consciousness takes place, and one begins to embark on a personal journey to wholeness.


The Center is established to raise the awareness of our inner self and our connection with the divine purpose. This awakening will in turn induce our own natural healing force, thereby aligning ourselves on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Hong Kong

The first Hong Kong Center was established in 2010. Three years later, a larger one was set up to accommodate the growing number of students. Amazingly, the addresses of the two Centers have the same numbers, i.e. vibrations, as that of my birthday. Presently, the Center’s activities are conducted in venues offered by students. The Center has a team of teachers and volunteers who devoted themselves to their mission. The Center offers a variety of workshops related to spirituality and healing.


In 2014, the first Center was established in the heart of Kyoto, only a 5-minute train ride from the Kyoto station. It is located off 7th Avenue in the ‘Suzaku’ (朱雀) area which aptly means ‘phoenix’, guardian of the South. This area was part of the original Imperial Palace dated back 1200 years ago. And the energy flow had been ordained, protecting this area in all four corners.


The Center is an 88-year-old machiya, a rare gem that was blessed by a Kwan Yin Temple with a long history of healing miracles. A dated and blessed log was used as the main beam of the machiya.


In 2017, a house was purchased to serve as an annex. It is also located only a 5-minute train ride from the Kyoto station, and near the prestigious Tofukuji Temple.


When I first immigrated to Canada in 1990, I had no idea that the following 20-years’ stay was in preparation for bringing Magnified Healing® to Vancouver.  While I was practising Clinical Psychology and teaching traditional Chinese Medicine there, little did I know that I was already building a network of potential light-workers.  Many of these people were instrumental in paving the way for the teachers of 7th Ray Center to land in Vancouver in 2015.  We offered a free healing session that witnessed miraculous improvements on many physical conditions, followed by three 1st Phase workshops.  They took place at unexpected venues – a beautiful Catholic church and a yoga center located at 7th Avenue - obviously through Divine arrangement!

Since then, 7th Ray Center has been offering various workshops in Vancouver to meet the spiritual needs of the Chinese community there.  Some of the Vancouver initiates also came to Hong Kong and attended workshops as well as going to the retreat in Kyoto.  It is a blessing to see One-ness being manifested in 3 different locations where 7th Ray Center presents itself.  The next part of the journey will be the offering of Magnified Healing® to the mainstream community in Vancouver, and other major cities in Canada as well.  Indeed, some initiates are already teaching Magnified Healing® in Vancouver and in Toronto.  2018 will turn out to be an exciting year!

~ Dr Edward Shen

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Workshop Feedback


I write to express praise for your compassion as a teacher of Magnified Healing, as a communicator of spiritual messages and information, and for your healing powers. As a former student in your 1st Phase Magnified Healing Workshop, I was fortunate to experience your brilliance, which was further revealed in your recent “communication” meeting that I attended. I indeed have learned so much from you. I honestly think of you and your wonderful and important teachings each day – which I will carry within me, now and always.

I indeed have learned so much from you. I honestly think of you and your wonderful and important teachings each day – which I will carry within me, now and always. Recently, I also had the good fortune to experience your healing powers. In April, I had to undergo significant oral surgery in an attempt to stop a tooth autoimmune condition that put me at risk of losing all my teeth. The surgery went “alright,” as much as could be understood at that time (as I still need another 6 months from this writing of post-surgery healing to learn whether the final outcome will be successful, so I welcome your continued good wishes:-). However, immediately following this surgery—which involved several complex medical procedures, including bone grafting, a surgical incision through a sinus bone, etc.—I developed a severe infection at the surgical site and I was put on a cascade of antibiotics, all to no avail. After several weeks with the infection raging forward, my doctors reported that they were at a loss…the infection was serious and of an unknown cause. They noted that if my condition did not turn within one week more from that appointment date, then...(a whole host of truly unfavorable medical outcomes were to befall). With this news, I finally broke down and wrote to Margie, being too shy to post my need for healing on What’s App—although, to be clear, I made no mention of any time deadline/date identified by my doctors. As the days passed and my medical team’s deadline approached, I felt more and more ill and weak. On the morning of my team’s deadline, I was still deeply ill and I saw no end in sight, least of all the possibility of being well by that evening! I collapsed with exhaustion and pain that evening, falling asleep earlier than usual. When I awoke in the early morning hours of the next day, I was surprised to feel better. When I read my email that early morning, I saw that Margie had written to me that very evening before; yes, precisely on the “deadline” evening! More than this, Margie had apologized for not being able to answer me sooner than that evening, and, crucially, she conveyed her warm well wishes for my speedy recovery. There is no doubt in my mind, that this was no coincidence. It is my belief that Margie intervened on that evening because she “knew.” I am grateful to Margie and shall forever attribute this medical turning point to her healing powers and compassion as a human being. Thank you dear Margie. I shall always hold you in my heart and wish you well.

Susan Yeung

I had totally lost the sense of smell for more than 2 months after a slight cold. I had tried numerous treatments/healings; but all efforts were to no avail. Miracle happened when I learnt Magnified Healing from Margie in March 2013. A couple days after the initiation given by Margie, my Olfaction was dramatically restoring without any medication. I am able to smell all kinds of scents, and enjoy my eating.

Another amazing thing is that I look younger with daily practice of Magnified Healing. In just two weeks practice, my face has looked brighter and the dark cycle in my eyes become lighter.

My learning experience in Magnified Healing was in fact a healing journey. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Margie for her insightful teachings. Her gifted knowledge in energy healing; and her guidance has activated my ability in self healing, and more importantly helped enhancing my spiritual growth. I was also touched by her kindness and compassion in reminding us to heal the earth and the humanity.

I am so blessed and grateful for all these miraculous manifestations. I have no hesitation to highly recommend Magnified Healing with Margie to my friends.

Rosaline Wong

“Dear Margie, I had many awesome experiences since I practiced Magnified Healing. The most significant one is that it successfully brought down my blood pressure. I had very high blood pressure due to emotional problems for almost six months. I tried to do a lot of meditations & breathing exercises to stabilize it but they are not quite effective. When I was about to give in & take medication, heaven sent you to me. For the past nine days, my blood pressure dropped gradually. My highest record was 171/100 and on the 11th day of my practice I made a perfect score of 110/68! I am very happy to share this good news with you & I'll be forever grateful!

I had also been suffering from insomnia for many years and slept little at night. After I practiced Magnified Healing, I was able to sleep well. Last but not least, I had arthritis in my left shoulder for over 10 years. When I was practicing healing, I didn’t even target it. Yesterday morning, when I was making my bed, the pain was completely gone!

Magnified Healing to me is the most direct and powerful practice for spiritual growth in helping the earth & humanity. Thank you for all your valuable guidance!”

Grace Chang, Solicitor

“I suffer from lupus (SLE) for more than a decade. SLE is an auto-immune disorder illness and it affects the whole immune system of the body. At the very beginning, it attacks on my joints (including arms and elbows, legs and even fingers) and I was under medication which controls the symptoms. Condition starts to get deteriorated in 2009 and I had PLE (protein losing entarpathy). In addition to SLE, and the whole immune system broke down, I was then under heavy dosage of medication including a high dosage of steroid. My condition is under control after taking steroid but the blood index (for anti-DNA and others) remain high albeit I am on steroid.

I was introduced to Margie by a close friend of mine in 2011 and we started the magnified healing, with self practice at home as well. I was committed at the time and miraculously my blood index for anti-DNA dropped drastically after a series of treatments. I then stopped it for some months and my blood index shoot up again. In order to monitor my condition, I revisited Margie again and restarted the magnified healing procedures. My blood index dropped to a lower level after several treatments (an immense improvement after I took the latest blood test at the time) and my condition improves under steady treatment with Margie.

I have to thank Margie sincerely for her treatment and guidance throughout the time and I strive for a full recovery without reliance on medication.”

Dr Pamela Leung

“After learning Magnified Healing, I have been able to sleep well. When I wake up in the morning, I feel lightness in my body, especially in my heart. Also, I start to practice visualizing I am a light being and the feeling of abundance when my body feels distressed. I feel bliss. Now, I am more connected with my soul and clearer about what I want.”

Susan Auyang, Life and Spiritual Coach

“Margie has been instrumental in my spiritual quest. I am very thankful to her for introducing Magnified Healing to me. From the day that I was attuned, my whole process of spiritual attainment has been expedited. I can feel that the energy channeling through my hands becoming stronger. There has also been a change at an etheric level. More importantly, the feelings of expansion generated from Magnified Healing have given me the power and strength to help others. Margie is an excellent loving teacher who lives what she teaches. In this time of important earth and cosmic energy shifts, Margie has an important role to play. Margie, from my heart, I thank you.”

Benna Lo

After learning Magnified Healing (MH), I felt a lot of changes in me. MH is a blessed tool which enables us to heal both ourselves and others at the same time. I was allergic to nuts, additives, and baking powder for 3 years, but 10 days after learning MH, all the allergies miraculously disappeared. I had also experienced many changes in my mental state of mind. I felt calmer, thoughts became clearer, and could observe life instead of react to life. Although this is rather abstract, but prior to MH, I was as though seeing things in life at the ground level. After learning MH, I started to be able to see things at a slightly elevated level, like a bird flying high while looking at the ground. The new perspective brought to me allowed me to find peace within.

Margie is a very good teacher that had put all her heart out to healing others. The course is easy to understand, and perfect for all those with an open mind about life, universe, and spirituality. I would highly recommend this course for those who wish to learn more about this world.

Chereen Chan

“I attended Margie's intuition workshop few months ago. It was a fruitful and inspiring experience. Margie's scientific and light-hearted approach gave a good balance to the subject and made it very approachable and interesting. After the workshop, I became much more aware of my own self, both my physical and spiritual side. I am learning and discovering my own self every day. Margie is definitely one of my important mentors during my spiritual journey.”



After having received the Magnified Healing initiation, I’ve been practicing MH every day for more than 2 months now; Big changes certainly occurred to me especially the way I feel within and also in my awareness. For example I used to follow my mind who determines what I can do and what I cannot, but now I look at reality from a different perspective and I experience less limitations. Through everyday practice, MH helps to become aware of and strengthen the connection with divine hierarchy and transforms the mind, spirit and body steadily. Although the changes may feel subtle to me, I know the transformation is happening most surely. I’m returning to my true self naturally. MH encourages my spiritual growth with certainty.

I was one of the very first MH initiates in Japan. There were 4 students with unique personality each; and yet we felt such a deep connections as if destiny found us to be there. And I felt the same for Margie the teacher and Rieko who translated the MH workshop. I’m so grateful to all the members as well as Margie and Rieko.

Since I learned MH, I find myself responding differently to various kinds of events and information. As I look back 2 months ago, I can already see how much I changed. In other word, I’m certainly “in a different dimension”. During the course I went through processes where my negative feelings and fears came to surface. But I knew that MH was protecting and supporting me. Now I’m looking forward to experiencing more transformation within.

1A-3A Workshop

After becoming MH initiate, I started to desire that I want to live from my Soul, not from my mind. However I didn’t know what to do and could not keep up with motives. Then there was an occasion to learn 1A-3A of 7A workshop by Margie.

There were many topics discussed during the workshop that I had known from the books and articles and thought I understood mentally. What happened during the workshop time/space was that with the presence of Margie, shifts started to happen within myself while listening words carried by her voice. Then I realized I wanted to live from the Soul with certainty and at the same time I found that I had to face myself, who have been pretending as if it wasn’t there. One may say it is a tough lesson, but simultaneously I recognized many synchronicities started to happen. Then I noticed- my journey to get back to my Soul had already began. What I came to believe is that my life also can be filled with joy and passion.



Margie is a spiritual teacher, a writer, a gifted intuitive and healer.  She is fondly dubbed by her students a “spiritual surgeon” who brings positive changes to people by empowering them to connect with their true Self.


Margie was originally named Marilyn since she was a child. In 2017, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and immediately after the operation, she was woken up physically by a divine voice calling her Margie. She found out later that the name meant Child of Light. Her first book ‘A Soul Journal from Kyoto’, to be published in Spring 2018, was written in honor of the Light.


Margie has degrees in business administration and law.  She was a successful entrepreneur in the antiques business in the U.S. and was a co-founder of trademarked fashion brand.  She received the calling to serve humankind in 2007.  She has been practising meditation for almost 30 years and learnt healing with renowned healers in the U.S. She is a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing® 3rd Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner workshop.


Upon returning to Hong Kong from New York in 2010, Margie founded 7th Ray, Center for Health & Healing.  She provides services in healing through soul reading and conducts workshops related to spirituality and healing.  She presents regularly to institutions and appears in various media including interviews by the TVB Pearl Report and magazines.

Dr Edward Shen

For anyone who has attended Dr. Shen’s workshops, it is not difficult to notice the immense passion that he has for anything to do with Spirituality.  His eloquent delivery and his ability to explain complex concepts in everyday simple terms made his passion almost contagious. 


With his 30-year experience as a Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong and in Canada, and an additional background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Shen is especially interested in Holistic Medicine and Energy Healing.  He is a Certified Advance Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Method (EDxTM) practitioner and introduced this healing method to Hong Kong. 


For the past 6 years, Dr. Shen has been focusing on a special kind of spiritual healing – Magnified Healing®.  Currently, he is a Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Master Teacher, Celebration and Ceremony Teacher/Director, Third Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner and Master Teacher of the Third Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner Workshop. Dr. Shen conducts spiritual workshops regularly in English and Chinese at the 7th Ray Center in Hong Kong, Vancouver, and Kyoto.


Alissa is a devoted seeker of spirituality.  In 2012, a chance meeting with Margie and learning Magnified Healing® turned out to be a life-changing encounter.  She supports the Center through volunteer service and teaching, especially to the Chinese community in Vancouver.  


Alissa received her secondary and tertiary education in the United Kingdom.  Upon returning to Hong Kong she enjoyed a successful career at a number of international financial institutions.  She then worked at the Centre on Behavioral Health in The University of Hong Kong, where she pioneered in the promotion of holistic health to the community.


Alissa is a Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Master Teacher, Celebration and Ceremony Teacher/Director, Third Phase“Light Healing” Practitioner and Master Teacher of the Third Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner Workshop, and Jikiden Reiki practitioner.


Andrew has always been interested in metaphysics, singing, ancient civilizations, crystals and wonders of the universe.  In 2012, a chance meeting with Margie and learning Magnified Healing® transformed his life.  He supports the Center through volunteer service and teaching.  He is a Magnified Healing® First Phase Master Teacher, Celebration and Ceremony Teacher/Director, Third Phase "Light Healing" Practitioner and Master Teacher, and Jikiden Rieki practitioner. 

Andrew studied in Canada with a degree in Business Administration and returned to Hong Kong in 1996. For almost 20 years he has a successful career in the manufacturing industry until he found his true calling. 


Daisy is a gifted intuitive and spiritual teacher with a passion for children’s education.  Her innate gifts have driven her to instill holistic development for a more meaningful growth by inspiring children to reconnect their inborn abilities.

She has embarked on her spiritual journey as she received Magnified Healing® and other energy healing modalities since 2013.  She is a Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Master Teacher, Celebration and Ceremony Teacher/Director, 3rd Phase “Light Healing” practitioner, and practitioner of  Jikiden Reiki and Quantum Touch.

She has a Masters Degree in Behavioral Health with a body-mind-spirit focus.  She received her professional training at The University of Hong Kong as a registered teacher and serviced in an international school.

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